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1  10oz or 16 oz portion of Japanese A5 wagyu Rib Eye steak, delivered frozen:


Japanese wagyu beef is considered by many to be the most exquisite in the world.  Wagyu is prized for extraordinary marbling that is the result of selective breeding, and a relatively long feeding time. 

we are offering 8oz New York Strip steaks of A5 wagyu from the Miyazaki prefecture.  A5 means this beef is the best grade available.  Wagyu grading is determined by marbling, yield and color.


A5 wagyu is best cooked in a hot pan or indirect heat on the grill, even if you usually like rare beef, we recommend at least medium rare for A5 wagyu, this yields maximum succulence with the abundant marbling.


Considering a typical restaurant portion for A5 is 4 oz, anything more than 8 oz would be too much for most mortals.  This is very rich beef as you can imagine by the photos above.  The 2nd photo illustrates actual portions.



Miyazaki Japanese Wagyu, Grade A5, Boneless RibEye

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