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1/2 pound of cultivated Cordyceps mushrooms.

Cordyceps are a fascinating and delicious parasitic mushroom.  In nature, cordyceps grow on a range of host insects.   Wild cordyceps are difficult to find and rare, often cited as the most expensive wild fungi in the world (inlcuding the prized white truffles).   Cordyceps are currently enjoying a moment of notoriety in the world of food as medicine, many claims have been made that they improve athletic endurance and stamina.

Cultivated cordyceps are farm grown on a grain-based substrate, despite their odd appearance they have a delicious and quite approachable flavor.   Cordyceps are very easy to prepare (simple wash) and cook-They can be treated as you might a crimini or chanterelle.   I think they have a flavor somewhat reminscient of porcini. 



Cordyceps Mushrooms, 1/2 lb

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