Jim Reichardt and family have been raising excellent ducks in Sonoma County since 1992.  They are used in virtually all the best restaurants in the Bay Area, and we are very proud to be able to share their excellent products with you. 

Duck is not difficult to cook,  but legs and breasts must be prepared differently than chicken or other birds.     Breasts should be rendered over low/medium heat skin side down, only flipped occasionally to the meat side where it should sit briefly in it's own rendered fat.   Cook medium rare to medium, this will give you delicious crispy skin and succulent meat. 


Legs can either be braised, cooked in the insta pot/pressure cooker, or roasted for 1-1.5 hours at 425 degrees.   These methods will give a tender result.

Here's a link to the recipe section of the Liberty Duck website for more ideas.


We are offering: 


2 Duck Breast (approximately 1.3#)

6 Legs (approximately 3.3#)

Sausages, 3 Different Flavors (4 each)

Smoked Breast (1 each)

Holiday Pack (12 Legs, 2 Breasts, 3 Packs Sausage)



Liberty Duck